Let us stand by yours.

Whether you plan a new state-of-the-art production facility, remodel, expansion or re-tooling, our team has the experience, contractor list and expertise to get it done. With seven commercial grows under our belt, we understand the unique constraints of every project and work to balance those constraints (zoning, existing infrastructure, time, budget) against conservatively forecast ROIs to arrive at a viable concept, design and scope of work.

In existing commercial operations, we understand the imperative for uninterrupted production. Our project plans emphasize continuity to ensure that future yields don’t come at the cost of present capacity.

The proof is in the payout.


New Design

Nothing is more exciting than building a state-of-the-art production facility from the ground up. At Superior, we take into account the finite design details that separate ordinary grows from cultivation masterpieces, we stand by every grow that we build because we are confident that it will exceed your standard time and time again.

With seven commercial marijuana grows under Superior's belt, we are experienced in the design process from conceptualization to turning on the lights for the first time.  With deep connections in the building industry, as well as being architecturally versed, we can ensure the fastest, most affordable path to cultivation all while strictly adhering to local code to ensure the fastest path to cultivation.

Existing Design

Seamlessly modifying or retool a current facility without interrupting any phase of production is the ultimate goal when retrofitting an existing space.  With grow technology and technique evolving almost as fast as the cannabis plant it's self, continually seeking the best technology is essential for our success.  At Superior, we are experts in project coordination and planning, giving us the edge in increasing your production in the future without sacrificing the production of today.

With over seven years of experience, we have gone through our fair share of remodeling.  Superior can help guide you through the challenge of tearing down and then building back up your facility to optimize your production and profit.  We have an extensive list of builders, engineers, and architects that we are accustomed to working with and have proven results but we are continually looking for fresh talent in and out of our industry to provide our clients with the best service possible.