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Social Impact

Being vertically integrated in the legal marijuana industry is critical for financial success.  At Superior, we seasoned the techniques necessary to develop strong sales that are sustainable for your company’s needs. Compliance can be one of the most frustrating and tedious parts of selling recreational or medical marijuana in a retail setting; Superior has the knowledge and experience to fight through the legal maze. We have a proven track record assisting retail outlets develop tried and true sales tactics that are not only high yielding and effective, but also easy to implement throughout the retail setting whether it be medical or recreational.

Triple Bottom Line Investing

In traditional business accounting and common usage, the "bottom line" refers to either the "profit" or "loss", which is usually recorded at the very bottom line on a statement of revenue and expenses. Over the last 50 years, environmentalists and social justice advocates have struggled to bring a broader definition of bottom line into public consciousness by introducing full cost accounting. For example, if a corporation shows a monetary profit, but their asbestos mine causes thousands of deaths from asbestosis, and their copper mine pollutes a river, and the government ends up spending taxpayer money on health care and river clean-up, how do we perform a full societal cost benefit analysis? The triple bottom line adds two more "bottom lines": social and environmental (ecological) concerns.

The Memphis Model

Anyone in the marijuana industry can tell you that banking and finance can be one of the most difficult aspects of running a legal marijuana business.  Until the FDIC and the Fed change the rules pertaining to marijuana banking, marijuana businesses need to find private investors as well as ways to manage capital and retain profit.  With respect to banking in United States, the way legal cannabis is treated today is not forecast to change in the four years. This environment makes for a difficult situation for some, and presents opportunity for those possessing the right information and poised to make moves.  Over the years, Superior has established industry connections with people and financial groups who work with the marijuana industry.  Whether you’re just getting started or need capital to take your company to the next level, Superior can help you reach your greatest potential.