Let us show you how.

The heart of our business is the controlled cultivation of hemp and marijuana for market. Whether home made or state of the art, deep water culture or organic garden bed, we know grow systems. Whether industrial warehouse or large scale outdoor farm, we know environments. Whether pests, fungi or pathogens, we know contaminants.

We’ll conduct a detailed systems and environmental audit of your facility and draw up a blueprint of custom recommendations tailored to your specific needs. In terms of both performance and profitability, you’ll see exactly where you’re going and what it will take to get there.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management is easily one of the most difficult aspects of running a licensed indoor cannabis grow. The mere nature of growing mono-culture indoors makes for a vulnerable system, particularly when you factor in the absence of conventional pesticides. Currently, state and federal governments are moving toward mandatory testing to detect contamination; if your crop does not meet guidelines, it cannot be sold which can be a catastrophic blow to your margins. These factors will make or break marijuana businesses in the coming years.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, Superior employs techniques from multiple industries to combat pests, fungus, pathogens and any other contaminants that can potentially compromise your cash crop.  One such technique, clean room technology,  prevents contaminants from ever getting into your garden as well as predatory biological agents that are invisible to the naked eye.  Superior has the tools, technology, and experience to guarantee every crop is healthy and contaminate free so you can rest easy knowing that you won't walk into a facility full of dead plants.

Our team of experts will train your staff and guide you through the integrated pest management frenzy so you can focus on growing the best cannabis possible.  We are experienced in developing standard operating procedures that ensure that the pests stay out and your employees adhere to the IPM protocol that is custom suited to your application and warehouse.  We also analyze your environmental controls so that we fully understand your entire system in order to make key changes to keep your facility running at the tip top performance.


Growing cannabis indoors can be equally rewarding as it is difficult, especially when factoring in outdoor temperature variation (as great as 120°in the summer and as cold as -40° in the winter) while trying to maintain optimal conditions throughout all phases of growth in order to produce a consistent product no matter what mother nature throws at you.

At Superior, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to controlling environments. We are constantly striving to maintain the most consistent environmental parameters in our facilities to achieve the most consistent results year round for our clients.  We take factors into account that most companies aren’t even aware of such as nighttime temperatures and humidity, VDP, and a whole host of other systems management techniques backed up by years of our data in order to transform any space into a high-production cannabis grow.

Not many organizations have the technical or mechanical know-how to deal with the many facets involved with indoor horticulture; Superior has the simplest and most effective solutions to some of the industry’s most challenging problems for reduced costs and increased profit.


Dealing with a plant as special as cannabis in a high-tech setting demands the most advanced processes and operating procedures in order to maximize production not only on the grow end of operations, but also on the retail side as well.  At Superior, we understand that in this industry time is money, and we don’t want to waste either of yours.

Superior has a niche for modifying and creating procedures that are methodically thought out in order to harvest as many pounds per light, as well as harvest the maximum amount of pounds annually.  Harvest can be incredibly costly and we have the mechanized trimming figured out to drastically reduce time and cost associated with harvest.  Processing, and packaging time is a time intensive process in the marijuana industry; at Superior, we have developed the most efficient processes and one-of-a-kind tools tailor-made to optimize each process for the most cost-effective operations possible.  Developing safety protocols with our clients to ensure a safe workplace is also a high-priority at Superior, something that is often overlooked when considering all the hazardous elements critical to growing cannabis.

Superior has solutions for every style of grow whether it is a high-production deep water culture rig or true living organics garden bed. As our client, we will work with your concepts and goals of what a successful legal marijuana business looks like to you, we just help you realize your businesses true potential.